Thursday, July 28, 2005


Learning German

I never took German class in high school. I took Latin, figuring it would be an introduction to the "Romance" languages of Italian, French and Spanish. Never quite figured out Latin, other than a few weak phrases, and how far are you going to get on "Omnia Gaulia in partes tres divisa est" in the 21st Century?

So I have been getting some assistance from well meaning friends.

Lester E., a dentist in Louisiana who I know from Saab Club, offered the following important phrases:
"Ausweiss bitte?"
"hast du Broetchen?"
"Wo sind die American Embassy??"
"Wie alt bist du?!?!!"
and my favorite..
"Sie hat gesagt 18 yahre !!!"

A few that I am sure I will need to know:
"Was Art des Bieres haben Sie? "
"Ein anderes Bier bitte."
... and eventually ...
"Wo ist die WC?"

Some of the best instruction on contemporary European culture comes from my cousin Mick Winker, who has been living in Antwerp, Belgium, for the past year. He maintains a blog on this same web site as "EuroFrank". See: He doesn't just hang out in the Benelux neighborhood; he gets to visit lots of cool places Over There. Oh, to be in my 30s and hanging out in exotic places....

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