Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Message the First

Welcome aboard!

So that all may follow my travels in search of our ancestry, I have chosen the popular BLOG format. Check in on a regular basis over the next few weeks... and beyond.

My rough intinerary for the trip to Germany is as follows:
Aug 3 - Leave Minnesota for Essen.
Aug 4 - Arrive in Dusseldorf, Germany. Take train to Essen.
Aug 5-7 - Int'l Saab Clubs Meeting in Essen.
Aug 8 - Explore Westphalia, seeking information on the Borgmann and Schurmann families.
Aug 10 - Visit Stuttgart. Tour Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums.
Aug 12 - Explore Spaichingen, ancestral home of the Winker family.
Aug 15 - Return to Minn.

I plan to squeeze one more trip out of my aging Dell Pentium 133 notebook computer. Though it has not yet been tested, I have purchased a wireless card so that I may sit in Internet cafes to make the updates (hopefully drinking really strong coffee or really good beer!).

Good Luck on your trip to Germany. My husband and I are talking about going to see England and Germany and visit Beth Winker too. Hope all goes well. We will have to get in touch after the trip. Nice pictures of your family. Nee dto see one of mom and dad too??? Deanna Jean Eide, Felsburg. Peggy winker family.
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