Saturday, August 13, 2005


Euro, my Hero

I like the Euro. I like that the bills come in different colors and increase slightly in size as the denomination increases. Same with the coins, except for the 0,05 which is a little larger than the 0,10 but made of copper instead of brass. The 0,01 piece is smaller than our penny, but seldom used.

I like the train system in Germany. It is amazingly efficient, so much so that owning a car seems unnecessary. For the journey to Spaichingen I took the regional railroad to Immendingen, not far from Tuttlingen. That trip lasted about two and a half hours; I took a nap when I wasn’t watching the “Heidi” scenery. From there it was a local train, more like a bus on rails, for the half hour ride to the Spaichingen Bahnhof (train station). The seats are generally comfortable, though my tall-in-the-torso build does not always fit well.

I like that the beer is served in special glasses – every beer is served in a glass with the name of that brewery and the particular style of beer. In addition, each glass has a “Full” mark, usually 0,3l or 0,5l (0,5 liter is approximately a pint) so you know you are getting the full amount.

I like that the innkeepers are very trusting. On more than one occasion I have merely been handed the key to a room, without giving my name or credit card. When checking out the bill is added up and you pay them.

I like that dogs are welcome in many places including restaurants. The dogs are generally well behaved and obedient, but I imaging that is because they have good breeding and training. There are plenty of smaller dogs like Yorkies, but I have seen some larger working breeds as well.

I like Schnitzel with noodles.

These are a few of my favorite things.

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