Monday, August 15, 2005


Journey's End... for now

My final day in Germany was dedicated mainly to travel. Caught the ICE in Karlsruhe with plans to arrive in Dusseldorf a couple of hours before my flight was scheduled to depart. This time the display at the front of the rail car showed 300 kph for part of the trip!

All flights were pretty much on time, though there was quite a bit of security getting on to the NWA flight in Amsterdam, and again getting off at MSP. Seemed overkill to get interviewed at both ends of the flight.

About 20 hours from the time I left Liz's place in Karlsruhe, I was pulling into my own driveway in Industrial Twp, Minnesota. A similar trip for Johann Winker in the early 1850s took months, possibly years, before he settled in Royalton Twp, Wisconsin.

But there are bound to be more travels for me in search of family history. Check back occasionally for the latest adventure.

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