Thursday, August 11, 2005


Vizitin' Cuzzin Liz

11 Aug 2005

The next stop on my tour of Germany is Karlsruhe, about 70 km west of Stuttgart. My second cousin Elizabeth Winker lives there and works for SAP. She has kindly offered to put me up for the night and will join me in Spaichingen on the search for the Winker family. For those who may not know, our grandmothers were sisters (Martha and Cecilia Feuerstein) and our grandfathers were brothers (John and Lewis E. Winker). Her father, Charles Winker, and my father, Lew Winker, are first cousins and the families have maintained pretty close contact.

Another train and another taxi ride to her door in Karlsruhe, but she will not be home for awhile so I go in search of beer. Fortunately I am able to find one within a few blocks. A couple of beers later and I head back to her place and she meets me there.

For dinner she takes me to a brew pub in a nearby town, where we have wonderful beer brewed on the premises, and another German dinner that can’t be beat. We also meet with one of her colleagues from SAP (who speaks pretty darn good English), so we have good conversation as well. Another memorable evening.

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