Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Feuersteins in Leshara, Nebraska

Spent the weekend at a car rally in Colorado, bought a cheap car in Denver (a Saab, of course), and drove it home. Monday night I stayed in Wahoo, Nebraska, north of Lincoln and west of Omaha, at a mom-and-pop motel that reeked of stale smoke, must and cleaning fluids. But the price was only $25 a night.

My goal was to visit Leshara, where John Nicholas and Anna Feuerstein settled and raised their family. They and their son, Gus, are buried in the St. Therese Cemetery near Leshara. The church is long gone, having burned down many years ago, though there is a statue of Our Lady to mark the site.

I arrived at sunrise on Tuesday, even had to wait a few minutes for the sunlight to bathe the grave markers. Fortunately the markers all face east. In addition to the Feuersteins, John N. Feuerstein's sister Mary and her husband, George A. Feist, are buried at the site.

There are no more than a few dozen markers in the small cemetery, located among rolling hills near the Platte River. Look for photos of the cemetery and Leshara at

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